About Barnley Montessori

Barnley is an early learning center that offers child centered development program based on Montessori Approach.
50 percent of the ability to learn is developed in the first four years and this is why Preschool years are vital years in a childs development.
At Barnley Montessori we emulate Maria Montessori principles which encourages children to explore their own developmental interests at their own pace. Every child is guided by our trained Teachers on a one-on-one personalized basis. We have enriched our program by integrating important aspects of play based curriculum to inspire and balance all developmental needs of the child.
Multicultural education is an integral part of the Montessori philosophy. Our curriculum respects the individuality of each child, creates a community of cooperation and nurtures a sense of wonder and curiosity about our differences. We honor and actively explore the varied backgrounds and cultures in the world. Students are encouraged to appreciate different perspectives, identify and reject stereotypes and prejudices, and work for equality and justice within the school and the world.
Our mission at Barnley Montessori is to empower children to be confident, creative and compassionate with a genuine desire for life-long learning. We aim to nurture the uniqueness of each Child through individualized teaching in an emotionally secure and academically excellent environment.
  • Enable our children to become independent persons, with a global perspective.
  • Embrace innovation and advancements by engaging the child’s curiosity, exploration and creativity
  • Self Development- Challenge parents and staff to “follow the child” in a compassionate, non-competitive way, and have faith that each child’s individual development will delight us.
  • Inclusion of diverse perspective by creating a culture of mutual respect, compassion, and goodwill
  • To stimulate learning through positive inquiry and creativity-based activities
  • To develop skills for life
  • To create critical and compassionate learners with a strong love of learning